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Looking to get in the construction industry? White and red card training is a must.

With growing infrastructure, the requirement for trained workforce in the construction industry is increasing rapidly. According to 2016 government statistics, there are 275,000 employees in the construction industry in Victoria alone.

If you are considering getting your hands dirty in this strong industry, then the Construction Induction training, also known as white card and red card training is the first document to get hold of. It is a mandatory legal requirement for all persons involved in the construction industry.

Single day training.

Work on urban and construction projects has been on the rise and so is the demand for the trained staff. The training is a simple one-day affair, which makes you work ready immediately.

Booming Construction industry offers job opportunities.

As per the 2016 update from the construction industry, since the Reserve Bank has cut interest rates to a record low of 1.75 per cent, the Australian Industry Group’s Performance of Construction Index (PCI) jumped 6.5 points to 53.2. The result above 50 indicates that construction activity was once again expanding, and at the fastest pace in 10 months.

Residential constructions lead the way followed by apartment activities and commercial constructions. So considering a change in career or something to take up part time is a good option.

Get trained from experts.

The process of obtaining the white and red card is quite easy and requires few prerequisites. Also, the workshop is facilitated by a member of the highly experienced training team. This helps the individual get the grasp of the training and stay motivated at the same time.

Traffic control and management- the growing need.

With increasing traffic of vehicles and pedestrians, the role of traffic control officer has become that more critical. The demand for the rightly skilled and trained traffic management staff has also been on a steady rise.

The slow-stop bat is one of the very essential tool used in traffic management today and this is where the refreshed traffic control training comes in play. A great skill to have, this training and experience stays in demand in the market.

Hassle free for Events.

If you have taken notice, the entire calendar year is sprinkled with big and small events, celebrations, festivals and parades in your neighbourhood or suburb. While the public looks forward to attending these gatherings, it asks for a lot of work and responsibility from the traffic controllers.

The number of traffic controllers varies depending on the size of the gathering expected. While at a school crossing, there is usually one to two traffic controllers, at big sporting events or celebrations, the demand for such skill goes very high. With a decent pay on an hourly basis, acquiring this skill is great for anyone deemed fit for it.

Work in progress sites.

Be it road repair or construction, work on a train/tram line, building new infrastructure or cleaning up if public space in progress, there is always some work going around you. From the construction of new shopping malls or knocking down of an old office building to suede residential apartments, there is never a shortage of work for people with traffic control skills.

With growing population and advancing infrastructural needs, there is always work ongoing or soon to commence. It is interesting to note, how despite changing tools and technology, there has been no replacement for human traffic controllers.

Common Causes of Forklift Accidents

It’s a sad fact that serious injuries and death commonly occur throughout Australia as a result of a lack of Forklift Training. Many of these accidents could likely have been avoided with the proper training and updating of skills for employees who operate forklifts.

Following the proper procedures and ensuring the correct maintenance of forklifts, while ensuring a clean and hazard free working environment all contribute to the minimisation of risks.

While there are sure to be some incidents that are difficult to predict and prevent, the following lists the ways in which forklift safety can be optimised.

Correct training of the forklift operator

When it comes to operating heavy machinery such as a forklift, the proper training and licenses are essential.

Untrained forklift operators are at a much higher risk of being involved in an accident than those with the proper training and tickets. If there are changes in a workplace, such as a change in inventory items or a new layout of the area, an untrained operator may not have the know how to compensate for such adjustments.

Things such as different driving surfaces, weather conditions and gradients are all factors that can influence safe forklift operation. By ensuring that all forklift operators are up to date with their training, the risk of accidents greatly decreases.

Avoid shortcuts in the workplace

Along with employees, employers should also display and enforce their own set of safety rules for the workplace. An efficient and fast paced workplace may be the desired outcome, but it should not come with shortcuts.

Simple factors such as the enforcement of speed limits and taking corners too quickly should be followed, along with the correct training of those who work around the forklifts.

It’s important that a forklift’s load is as close as possible to the ground with adequate clearance, and that there are no employees hitching rides on the forklift, or attempting to balance loads with their bodies.

Broken pallets, unstable loads, and exceeding the forklift’s load capacity are equally dangerous malpractices that should be avoided.

Warehouse and forklift maintenance

A poorly maintained forklift is just as dangerous as a driver without adequate training. All forklifts should be serviced regularly with the proper documentation kept up to date and readily available.

Things as simple as worn brakes, broken or missing mirrors and tire tread can all cause trouble.

Along with the maintenance and upkeep of forklift’s, also comes the cleanliness of the warehouse itself. Making sure that the warehouse has adequate lighting, is free of dust and debris are all considerations to make for the complete safe operation of a forklift.

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The advantages of upskilling your workforce

Over the years many companies have discovered the benefits of upskilling their existing workforce through traineeships and apprenticeships. Companies are now urging their employees to further their skills, which for the company eliminates the need to hire outside staff and contractors.

It can be a large commitment for a company to undertake upskilling of an existing employee, particularly if they need to adhere to a current high workload. For others, the idea of gaining a new qualification may seem like something they are past doing. If a worker has been established in a current position for a long period of time, they may be ‘comfortable’, or perhaps even worried that they will be unable to successfully undertake a new role.

While these are all concerns are valid, the right training institution along with encouragement from employers can really help both the individual and the business thrive in the long run.

There are many advantage to upskilling your current workforce, and below we have listed some reasons to consider.

New skill sets within the workforce

One of reasons that upskilling your current workforce is beneficial is to reduce the need to bring in subcontractors from the outside to complete jobs that your current workforce are not qualified to undertake.

An apprenticeship or qualification for an adult within your organisation means that these qualifications and skills can be developed within your company, effectively eliminating the need of bringing in people from the outside.

This will not only allow the skills to be developed by the employees with your company in mind, it will also take your employees out of their comfort zone, giving them a sense of achievement.

It will bring a strong work culture to your workforce, and workers enjoy knowing that their company wants them to grow and succeed.

There is available assistance for both employers and employees

There are certain situations within your workplace where you may be able to gain assistance and additional support when undertaking an existing worker apprenticeship. The funding may depend on the level of study they will be undertaking and whether the skills are on the national skills set list.

There is a degree of funding that is available for older individuals that are looking to further their studies, this includes the ‘Support for Adult Australian Apprenticeships” initiative.

There are many forms of assistance available, of which some include the topping up of a worker’s salary, or assistance provided to the place of employment. Each situation is different, and it’s best to get in touch with a registered training organisation such as ours to talk about what’s best for you.

Previous experience counts

A worker looking to update their skills may be able to count their previous skills and experiences towards the gaining of a new qualification. Employees may have previous work experience that could enable them to be exempt from certains parts of a course or qualification.

Current or past experience that a worker has could help them skip through things such as foundation skills training, which will enable them to gain the qualification faster.

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