A confined space maybe an area of restricted entry and exit, may have an atmosphere which contains potentially harmful levels of a contaminant, unsafe levels of oxygen or may cause engulfment. This course is designed for persons working within or around confined spaces, or who engage in related outdoor recreational activities such as caving. This course in Melbourne is designed for people wanting to refresh their Confined Space Course certification which is an industry recommendation to be completed every 1-2 years or whenever your employer sees fit.

About the course – Key topics

  • Compliance documentation including entry and work permits
  • Safety requirements
  • Environmental protection requirements
  • Tools and equipment

This 1 day workshop in Melbourne is facilitated by a member of our highly experienced training team, and includes trainer presentations and practical activities – so your participation will be required! Assessment activities include satisfactory demonstration of practical skills in a simulated environment and knowledge test.

$250.00 per person

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