RIIWHS302D – Implement traffic management plan
Our Traffic Management Course in Melbourne addresses the competency required to interpret and implement traffic management plans to ensure the safety of construction and maintenance workers, and the general public. In acknowledgement of the dangerous nature of controlling traffic VicRoads requires all field personnel responsible for setting out, implementing and/or monitoring a Traffic Guidance Scheme, as required by a traffic management plan, to have completed the RIIWHS302D unit, and to undertake a refresher course every three years.
There are no prerequisites, however participants must be able to converse and comprehend basic English. Participants will complete language, numeracy and literacy assessment on course commencement to assess their capacity to meet language requirements.
It is highly recommended that you also complete RIIWHS205D Control traffic with stop-slow bat to obtain work in the Traffic Control industry.

About the course – Key topics

  • Prepare to and implement traffic management plans
  • Set up signage scheme
  • Monitor traffic flow
  • Close down
  • Storage and maintenance of equipment and signage

The training program involves attendance and participation at an 8 hour workshop. Each workshop is facilitated by a member of our highly experienced training team, and includes trainer presentations, small group work and practical activities – so your participation will be required! Assessment will require satisfactory completion of a written test and a series of practical demonstrations. An 8 hour refresher workshop inclusive of RIIWHS205D Control traffic with a stop-slow bat is also available, and recommended every three years.

Training Pathway: After achieving RIIWHS205D Implement traffic management plan graduates may undertake RIICWD503D Prepare work zone traffic management plan.
Employment Pathway: On completing, graduates may find themselves in operational roles within the civil construction, excavation, drilling and mining industries.

Course Delivery:

  • This course is run at our Rowville training facility in Melbourne on a weekly basis. The course runs from 8am-4pm and is a one day course.
  • This course can also be run off-site, on request of the customer. Minimum numbers do apply. Please contact one of our friendly staff should this be of interest.


Pricing For Rowville:

  • The cost of this course is now $200.00 per person
  • Add Traffic Control Course for another $180 ( Pay $380 instead of $400.00 for both the courses)

Pricing For Rockbank:

  • The cost for this course is $230.00 per person

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