Funding for Training Assistance Provided by Incolink

Industry Training Levy
Many employers pay on a monthly basis, a training levy for workers. Incolink holds these funds in trust. To access part of this money in order to assist with training of employees an application must be made to the Assessment Panel set up for this purpose.

The first step is to contact the administrator of this scheme, Laura Brown the Master Builders Association of Victoria on (03) 94114555.

Individual Training subsidy
Incolink can also provide to eligible members a small subsidy to assist in offsetting the cost of some training. Set out below is a summary of how that subsidy operates.

In order to access the Individual Training Subsidy, currently fixed at $150 (23/2/2012), members must satisfy the criteria below. The guidelines will remain in force whilst funds remain available and until such time as the Board
of Directors deems a change is needed.

The Individual Subsidies are attached to individual Incolink members and their Incolink Redundancy fund contributions and previous usage of the subsidy are used to ascertain eligibility to the training subsidy.

This individual Training Subsidy has nothing to do with the Combined Training Levy that employers pay on a monthly basis.

Payments cannot be made to companies or individual members. The subsidy can only be paid to training providers
who then invoice Incolink.

Please note that Incolink does not pay for any of the costs associated with actually obtaining any licence.
Individual member eligibility takes into consideration the following

  1. Members must have had a minimum of $1000 paid into their Incolink Redundancy Accountin the twelve months immediately prior to the application.
  2. They must not have used the $150 in the last twelve months as it is only available once every twelve
    months. This twelve month period is taken from when they last used the $150.
  3. Training must be clearly relevant to the industry.
  4. In the case of apprentices they must have accrued a minimum of 150 days working on commercial sites before they are able to access the subsidy. This should be noted on their records at Incolink.
  5. Members must give permission for the $150 to be used, verbally or in writing before vouchers can be produced.

Please note that Incolink does not provide the individual Training Grant to subsidise the Construction Induction
Card referred to as “the White Card” (formerly known as the Red Card).

The training unit at the CFMEU and Master Builders Association of Victoria offers courses free or with discounts to financial members of Incolink.

Incolink members who are members of the CEPU PTEU may access the training facilities available through CEPUTEC.
If suitable training is not available through the organisations mentioned above then eligible members are able to
access training through any accredited Victorian Work Safe Training providers.

Incolink Training Contact: David Beard
Incolink Telephone: (03) 9668 3062
Incolink Fax: (03) 9662 9266

Incolink funding is also available upon requestClick here to Download form